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The Romance Equation
The Romance Equation

Welcome to the Hamptons!

I think it's safe to say winter is behind us. I look forward to fulfilling my passion – heading for home in the Hamptons. The beach beckons me to stick my toes in the surf, park my butt in a beach chair with the To-Be-Read list I've accumulated on my Kindle, and soak up the sun. How 'bout you?

Nestled by the warmth of a fire on the cold, dark winter days, I've been busy. Book Four of the Hampton Thoroughbreds Series, THE AGENT HAS A SECRET, is almost ready. Although I was going to wait until the final book to tell the story of Elizabeth, the Hallocks' matchmaking aunt and Director of the CIA, so many readers have been emailing about her "secret" which came out in Book One. Oh, you missed it? Tsk. Tsk.

I've also gone "off grid" and jumped into my current WIP: ON CALL WITH DR. LOVE. Look for details soon!

Ready for more "Love, Hamptons' Style?" I am!

Diane Culver