Coming November 2017

Christmas, Hamptons' Style
Christmas, Hamptons' Style

Fall and Winter, Hamptons' Style

Hello readers and lover of all things Hamptons! Didn't the summer fly by in a flash? Coming home for ten days was cathartic - a walk on the beach at Jetty Four, breakfast at Eckart's, and antiquing through the North Fork (Oh, what I shipped home to Syracuse!). You'll never believe this, but I've never been to Greenport. What a great place - amazing food, great shops, and even a few ideas for stories.

Many of you reading the Hampton Thoroughbreds series have been asking for the next book. Well...I've taken a slight detour, matching two of the supporting characters in other books for their own happily-ever-after. CHRISTMAS, HAMPTONS' STYLE will be on sale in early November.

It's time to start filling up your e-reader or piling books up on your nightstand for those cold winter days and nights. If you like books where romance meets action and adventure, and deceit lies just over the dunes, then Hampton Thoroughbreds is the series for you. Pass the word!

There's nothing better than "Love, Hamptons' Style."

Diane Culver