Hampton Thoroughbreds

The series where romance meets action and adventure, where the rich and famous love to play Hamptons' style...and where deceit lies just over the dunes.

Love on the Run

Hampton Thoroughbreds Book One - Love on the Run

Katherine Hallock is living the perfect life in the Hamptons and about to marry the perfect man – until she overhears her father and fiancé are doing business with a group of investors of a questionable nature and want what her father owes them. Finding out she is the pawn in their scheme, Katherine uses her CIA connections to secure herself in a safe house guarded by Special Agent John Clinton. She thinks life there will be a walk in the park while letting the Agency sort out the problems that made her flee Hampton Beach. But John, trusted with his first assignment since creating an international incident in Istanbul, has different plans for the sexy, head strong, determined equine vet. When a series of suspicious events take place, John is informed his long-time nemesis, Zoya Stalinski, has found him. Can John who lives each day for love of country, and Katherine, for love of her family, unite to take down one of the world's most wanted operatives? Is it possible to find love on the run?

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LOVE ON THE RUN is a taut romantic suspense filled with intrigue, passion, and memorable characters. This story will definitely get your heart racing!"
- Gina Ardito, award-winning international romance author

Hurricane Megan

Hampton Thoroughbreds Book Two - Hurricane Megan

Matthew Hallock has two passions – one-night stands and his stake in the Sunfish Beach Club. He has no idea he's about to lose everything he's worked for his entire life. When Megan Spears blows into town and earns the job of chief lifeguard, he is drawn to her from the minute she blows her whistle and tells him to get out of her way. Contrary to Matt, Megan has no time for men. She's on a mission – literally. And even if she had time for a relationship, opposites, in her book, don't attract. When Matt discovers Megan's true identity, he knows from his family's CIA connection that agents live a solitary life. Can two people from totally different walks of life find the common ground they need to walk hand and hand towards their future under a Hampton sunset?

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"Hurricane Megan will take readers by storm (both literally and figuratively) on a ride that does not stop until the last page of the book."
- Amazon Reviewer

The Romance Equation

Hampton Thoroughbreds Book Three - The Romance Equation

When millions of dollars of dollars mysteriously evaporate from Hallock Farm's accounts, Thomas Hallock calls Rick Stockton, CEO of a forensic accounting firm. Rick knows only one person with the skill sets to go undercover and solve the case: his sister, Courtney. But there's one small problem. Courtney left Hampton Beach years ago because she'd fallen in love with Thomas only to have him break her heart. Courtney is convinced to take a leave from her job with the CIA to return to help the Hallock family...incognito as Thomas's fiancée! Can Courtney finally convince Thomas that love is the only solution to the romance equation?

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Christmas, Hamptons' Style

Hampton Thoroughbreds Christmas Novella - Christmas, Hamptons' Style

Coming in November 2017, read the heartwarming holiday romance of Sarah Adams and Rick Stockton, friends of the Hallock family!

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