Diane Culver

Growing up in the Hamptons in the '60s and '70s, there was no such thing as People magazine or paparazzi. "Townies" felt it was an honor to work for the rich and famous. My personal interactions with Hampton society would one day fuel my desire to write a series of books set in the small hamlets on the southern shore of Eastern Long Island.

My tenth grade English teacher didn't believe in my desire to write a novel. Temporarily sidetracked, I followed the advice of Robert Frost, took "The Road Not Taken," and went on to become an award-winning math teacher for over thirty years outside Syracuse, New York.

When a health crisis forced me into retirement, I pulled out my bucket list. Item number one: Write a book. My series, Hampton Thoroughbreds, was born with LOVE ON THE RUN. More health scares, especially Covid, have reinforced in me the mantra: "We are not promised tomorrow. Live for today."

When not writing, I knit and enjoy being a grandmother. My travels through Europe are on hold, but when given the OK, I'm heading over with my list of places to visit and not coming back until it's complete. London and Highclere Castle (site of the series Downton Abbey) are at the top of that list. My Kindle is filled with Pride and Prejudice variations, mysteries, and cozy romances that take place in small towns or on a beach.

For now, I curl up with a cup of Earl Grey tea by the fire with my knitting, taking comfort that home is just a short flight or car ride away.

Diane Culver